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2020 Results
13/7/20Clermont PATCO Sprint Triathlon Panamerican Cup
Clermont, Florida



2019 Results
2110/26/2019Miyazaki ITU Triathlon Olympic World Cup
Miyazaki, Japan
2810/19/2019Tongyeong ITU Triathlon Olympic World Cup
Tongyeong, South Korea
259/7/2019Banyoles ITU Sprint World Cup
Banyoles, Spain
47/29/2019Lima Pan American Games Mixed Team Relay
Lima, Peru
57/27/2019Lima Pan American Games
Lima, Peru
47/7/2019Kelowna CAMTRI Sprint Triathlon American Cup
Kelowna, BC, Canada
276/29/2019WTS Montreal Sprint Triathlon
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
106/15/2019ITU Mixed Team Relay
Nottingham, Great Britain
176/9/2019Huatulco ITU Sprint World Cup
Huatulco, Mexico
355/18/2019WTS Yokohama Olympic Triathlon
Yokohama, Japan
35/4/2019Monterrey CAMTRI Triathlon Mixed Team Relay Championships
Monterrey, Mexico
25/3/2019Monterrey CAMTRI Triathlon Americas Championships - Olympic Distance
Monterrey, Mexico
354/27/2019WTS Bermuda Olympic Triathlon
Hamilton, Bermuda
23/23/2019La Paz CAMTRI Triathlon American Cup - Olympic Distance
La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico
33/9/2019Sarasota-Bradenton CAMTRI Sprint Triathlon American Cup
Sarasota, Florida
83/2/2019Clermont CAMTRI Sprint Continental Cup
Clermont, Florida
162/10/2019Discover Triathlon Sprint World Cup
Cape Town, South Africa



2018 Results
111/11/2018Santo Domingo CAMTRI Sprint Continental Cup
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
910/28/2018Puerto Lopez CAMTRI Sprint Continental Cup
Puerto Lopez, Ecuador
3110/21/2018Salinas ITU Sprint World Cup
Salinas, Ecuador
810/13/2018Sarasota ITU Sprint World Cup (Duathlon)
Sarasota, Florida
Elite National Championships - Bronze
86/10/2018Huatulco ITU Sprint World Cup
Huatulco, Mexico
33/11/2018Sarasota ITU Mixed Team Relay
Sarasota, Florida
123/10/2018Sarasota CAMTRI Sprint Continental Championships
Sarasota, Florida
43/3/2018Clermont CAMTRI Sprint Continental Cup
Clermont, Florida
2017 Results
4110/8/2017Sarasota ITU Triathlon World Cup
Sarasota, Florida
*Changed to Duathlon
239/24/2017Huelva ITU Triathlon World Cup
Huelva, Spain
348/13/2017Yucat√°n ITU Triathlon World Cup
Progreso, Mexico
127/22/2017Tiszaujvaros ITU Triathlon World Cup Semifinal
Tiszaujvaros, Hungary
2016 Results
DNF10/29/2016Miyazaki ITU Triathlon World Cup
Miyazaki, Japan
2510/22/2016Tongyeong ITU Triathlon World Cup
Tongyeong, South Korea
279/15/2016ITU U23 World Grand Final
Cozumel, Mexico
78/8/2016Montreal ITU Triathlon World Cup
Montreal, Canada
97/10/2016Tiszaujvaros ITU Triathlon World Cup
Tiszaujvaros, Hungary
286/12/2016ITU World Triathlon Leeds
Leeds, United Kingdom
65/1/2016Richmond CAMTRI Sprint Triathlon American Cup
Richmond, Virginia
2015 Results
315/3/15Monterrey CAMTRI Triathlon American Championships
Monterrey, Mexico
134/19/15Bridgetown ITU CAMTRI Pan American Cup
Bridgetown, Barbados
54/12/15Salinas ITU CAMTRI Pan American Cup
Salinas, Ecuador
2014 Results
3810/18/2014Tongyeong ITU Triathlon World Cup
Tongyeong, South Korea
810/12/2014Cartagena ITU Triathlon World Cup
Cartagena, Colombia
2510/5/2014Cozumel ITU Triathlon World Cup
Cozumel, Mexico
216/26/2014Jiayuguan ITU Triathlon World Cup
Jiayuguan, China
266/29/2014ITU World Triathlon Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
*USA National Champs - 3rd
55/31/2014Dallas PATCO Triathlon Pan American Championships
Dallas, Texas
U23 Pan American Champs - 1st
24/27/2014Lima PATCO Pan American Cup
Lima, Peru
434/6/2014ITU World Triathlon Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand
503/23/2014New Plymouth Itu Sprint World Cup
New Plymouth, New Zealand
593/15/2014Mooloolaba ITU Sprint World Cup
Mooloolaba, Australia
33/1/214Clermont ITU Sprint Pan American Cup
Clermont, Florida
2013 Results
510/13/2013San Juan Pan American Cup
San Juan, Puerto Rico
2310/6/2013Cozumel World Cup
Cosumel, Mexico
109/19/2013Las Vegas Super Sprint Finals
229/12/2013U23 ITU World Championships
London, England
447/14/2013Palamos ITU World Cup
Palamos, Spain
186/24/2013Edmonton ITU World Cup
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
26/1/2013Dallas ITU Pan American Cup
Dallas, Texas
*U23 National Champs - 1st
454/20/2013World Triathlon Series (WTS)
San Diego, California
213/16/2013Sarasota ITU Triathlon Pan American Cup
Sarasota, Florida
22/17/2013Roatan ITU Triathlon Pan American Cup
Roatan, Honduras


2012 Results
DNF10/21/2012Barfoot & Thompson World Triathlon Grand Final
Junior Elite World Championships
Auckland, New Zealand
119/15/2012Buffalo ITU Triathlon Pan American Cup
Buffalo, New York
*U23 National Champs - 3rd
*USAT Elite National Champs - 8th
38/11/2012Junior Elite Nationals
West Chester, Ohio
277/22/2012Geneva ITU Triathlon European Cup
Geneva, Switzerland
17/15/2012Tiszaujvaros ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup
Tiszaujvaros, Hungary
57/7/2012Holten ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup
Holten, Netherlands
116/28/2012British Triathlon Federation Canary Wharf Super Sprint
London, England
96/2/2012Dallas ITU Pan American Cup
Dallas, Texas
356/5/2012Huatulco ITU World Cup
Huatulco, Mexico
74/4/2012Ilheus ITU Pan American Cup
Ilheus, Brazil
53/31/2012Joao Pessoa ITU Pan American Cup
Joao Pessoa, Brazil
103/3/2012Clermont ITU Pan American Cup
Clermont, Florida
12/19/2012Frost Yer Fanny Duathlon
Ft Worth, Texas
2011 Results
1310/9/2011Myrtle Beach ITU Pan American Cup
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
119/24/2011Buffalo ITU Triathlon Pan American Cup
Buffalo, New York
198/21/2011Kelowna ITU Triathlon Pan Americna Cup
Kelowna, British Columbia
17/31/2011TWU Pioneer Sprint Triathlon
Denton, Texas
143/5/2011Valparaiso ITU Premium Pan American Cup
Valparaiso, Chile
153/20/2011Santiago ITU Pan American Cup
Santiago, Chile
443/5/2011Clermont ITU Sprint Pan American Cup
Clermont, Florida
12/20/2011Texas Motor Speedway Duathlon
Ft Worth, Texas
2010 Results
57/31/2010USAT Elite Development Race
Colorado Springs, Colorado
67/10/2010USAT Elite Development Race - Flatland Junior Elite Cup
Des Moines, Iowa
16/13/2010USAT Elite Development Race - Optum Health Manitou Triathlon
White Bear Lake, Minnesota
15/31/2010Capital of Texas Age Group Sprint Triathlon
Austin, Texas
165/22/2010PATCO Junior Triathlon Pan American Championships
Ixtapa, Mexico
15/1/2010Texas High School Triathlon Championships
Katy, Texas
274/16/2010Monterrey Mexico ITU Triathlon Youth Olympic Games Qualifier
Monterrey, Mexico
103/7/2010USAT Elite Development Race
Clermont, Florida
2009 Results
137/19/2009Disco Triathlon
Valley View, Texas